First Impression : Avon Products


I recently bought a few Avon products to try out and give my 2 cents worth… I will start off by saying I love Avon products they are really good quality. Why people think that Avon is beneath them I really don’t understand. Yes we all love high end products but who says that  affordable products compromise on quality? I love high end products but what happens when you really can’t afford to buy everything you like at the Mac or Bobbi Brown store? I’ll go through everything I’ve bought from Avon, some of my challenges with Avon and some first impression of the products that I have already started using.

  1. The Moroccan Argon Oil Range

I bought the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment. I used these products this morning I must say that these 3 products work like a dream. I love love love this range my hair smells good, is clean and silky smooth. The leave-in treatment cost me R89.90 for 2 which is a bargain if you ask me. I’m crazy about this range. It’s great for all hair types. I used it on my weave and it looks as good as new and guess what I saved myself R300.00 (that’s how much they charge at the salon to wash my hair) and a trip there.

Moroccan Argon Oil Range

  1. Avon Senses Exfoliating body scrub (citrus zing)

I suffer from dry flaky skin on a normal summer day. You can imagine how bad it gets in winter. I’ve had to use oil treatments and body cream to keep my skin glowing or at least looking healthy. I’ve started exfoliating my skin every now and then that’s where this amazing exfoliater comes in. The Avon Exfoliating body scrub not only smells great but it gets rid of all the dead skin that leaves me looking dull. As you can see in the picture below it’s almost finished, that’s how crazy I am about this product.

Exfoliating scrub

  1. Avon Ideal Flawless

I’ve been having a little issue with my Mac foundation ever since winter started. My face gets really oily and shiny no matter how much powder and setting spray I use. I eventually decided to buy a different foundation. I was placing orders for other Avon products so I thought why not add foundation to the list. I knew I wanted to try a cream to powder foundation; luckily Avon had the Ideal Flawless foundation on sale for R134.99. My one problem was selecting a colour, does Avon not giving their sales representatives a colour spectrum to help people buy the right colour. To be honest it’s difficult selecting the perfect colour for your skin tone at a cosmetics store without assistance, it’s even worse guessing from a book. Luckily the model in the book had more or less the same skin tone as me so I ordered the caramel colour. To be honest I struggled with the application because I usually use a Beauty Blender or a Foundation Brush. Other than that the foundation is great. P.S this foundation offers light to medium coverage (which is not build-able). If you have a lot of marks that you need to cover up this product won’t be a good buy.

Ideal Flawless Foundation

  1. Avon Foot Works range

Well it’s getting warmer and warmer which means very soon we will be back to wearing sandals (my favourite). Nobody in their right mind would wear sandals with toxic looking toes (that wouldn’t be right), or really damaged heels for that matter. I couldn’t resist buying this amazing range which comprises of the Lavender luxury softening balm, comforting overnight massage cream and the comforting soak. The only thing I can tell you about these products at this point in time is that they all smell divine. I’m really not a fan of lavender I find the smell overbearing however this time that’s not the case. The lavender is actually bearable and smells good. I haven’t used the products as yet however in the next few days I will post a first impressions review of the trio. (You’ll finally get to see my toes).

Avon Foot Works Range

  1. Avon Lipstick and the ultra colour lip crayon

Like all the lipsticks and lip crayons I buy from Avon these two products offer colour and locked in moisture in one small product. The colours are amazing I bought a bright pink lipstick that’s build-able meaning the more you apply the brighter the lip colour. I have very dry lips so I need to be extra careful when buying lipstick because some lipsticks dry your lips. I would definitely recommend Avon Lipsticks and Lip crayons to anyone, its value for money.

20150809_162016 20150809_162123

To prove that drug store products are just as fabulous as the high end products (If selected properly) I have ONLY used drug store products to achieve this look…

The Proof is in the Pudding

A list of the products I used:

  • Prime & Fine Primer (by Catrice)
  • Ideal Flawless cream to powder foundation (In caramel)
  • Eyebrow designer pencil (In dark brown by Essence)
  • Liquid Liner (By Essence)
  • Scandalicious Mascara (By Rimmel)
  • Blush Powder (In pink by Essence)
  • Lipstick colour: Fearless Fusion (By Avon)

I haven’t been writing due to some personal issues and career growth. I am however going to try my best to focus on my blog and connecting with my readers. I hope that this blog post was helpful and is proof that just because something cost less it doesn’t automatically mean that the quality of the product has been compromised. Shop smart that way you can save money to buy other products.





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