Happy women’s day…

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Its women’s day in South Africa. This day represents women of all races coming together for one cause. It’s a day for all the beautiful ladies out there; I decided to compile a list of reasons why women are so awesome… If you are a man you will probably feel that all my reasons are bias, so what its women’s day.

  1. We can give birth
  2. We are multi-taskers by nature
  3. We are great listeners
  4. We possess the sixth sense of female intuition
  5. We are strong and independent yet soft and feminine
  6. We have the power to turn heads
  7. We live longer
  8. We don’t have to worry about showing our genitals in public toilets
  9. We bring out the hero in our male counterparts
  10. We create life long bonds with our friends
  11. We have breasts
  12. Our strength is silent, its willingful and confident not overwrought or bulky
  13. We are as tough as nails
  14. We are good communicators therefore we can connect with people
  15. We are BEAUTIFUL
  16. We can be a mother, father and a friend all at once.
  17. We are great leaders


A daughter who serves

A sister who loves

A mother who bears

A friend who cares

A bestower of love, life

Friendship and trust.

A picture of poise,

Strength and grace.

A dreamer, achiever,

A winner all along.

We celebrate you,

A phenomenal woman.

I would like to wish all the beautiful women out there a happy womens day. I hope you get spoilt rotten I know I’m getting spoilt today…




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