Beauty Blunders you never knew you made!!!

beauty-blundersYep it’s been a long time coming…we are all guilty of screwing up our makeup sometimes and the sad thing is you may not even be aware of it. It happens but in order for you to avoid such mistakes you need to identify your blunders. Today’s post is focused on exactly that identifying such blunders and avoiding these mistakes by ALL MEANS. I’m not going to go through EVERY single beauty blunder on earth but instead I’ll focus on UNFORGIVABLES as I like to call them. You are probably guilty of at least 3 of these blunders ( all of them for me at some point) This is my list of unforgivables:

  • Using the wrong foundation colour foundation-blending

I know this is the most obvious one but guess what it still happens. It happened too me earlier this year and I was clued up about foundation colours at that time. I was buying mousse so I’m not familiar with this type of texture and the brand had very little colours to choose from. One of the consultants at the store suggested a colour and I trusted her. Only for me to use the mousse and I looked darker than usual. which is never a good sign. Need I say it was a waste of my money! I promise you this makeup stores have hypnotic lights. Everything looks perfect with those lights on.  I say test the foundation on your neck not hand…and leave the store give the colour a test drive where there is natural light. If you aren’t too sure on what type of foundation to buy for your skin read this

  • Over plucked eyebrows

2dm9iy1 311 You could be the nicest person on earth but overdoing the tweezing honestly in my book makes you look permanently angry. As I had mentioned in one of my previous blog posts “eyebrows on fleek” your brows can make or break a look be very careful. Untamed brows are equally as bad as over plucked eyebrows. I’m so guilty of not maintaining or tweezing my brows . Shaving off all your brows and drawing them again is a no no it makes shaping your brows almost impossible (there is really nothing to shape you now need draw them from scratch), its not a good look. Don’t over tweeze or let your brows grow out of hand.

  • Using every colour in your eye-shadow pallete

gallery_big_frosty_eyeshadow_makes_you_look_old This happens all the time. Just because you bought a smokey eye or nude eye shadow palette it doesn’t mean use every colour at once. Your eyelid is the size it is for a reason…there’s no need to jam pack your eyelid with ten colours at once!!!  It looks tacky (lady of the night type of connotations). If you aren’t really sure on how to apply your eye shadow 1. buy user friendly palettes (with instructions) or 2. stay away from eye shadow or refrain from leaving your house with eye shadow on (if you applied it yourself). There’s nothing worse than people staring at you like a crazy person at the mall or wherever, nobody will tell you what the hell is wrong with you and why people are staring, so avoid such awkward situations by all means. There is nothing fancy or classy about ten colours on one eyelid.


  • You’re not wearing the right colour lipstick for the shape of your lips.

Simply put, dark lipstick makes lips appear thinner while lighter lipsticks can make lips appear fuller. If you don’t want your lips to look thinner than they already are, shy away from the vampy hues. If you don’t want your lips to look fuller than they already are, pick darker nudes. I use to be so guilty of this only because I didn’t know about the dark/bright lipstick rule.


  • Applying Make-up on dry flaky skin

No matter how “creamy” you foundation make look or feel, it is actually not a good idea to apply foundation on flaky skin. It will not hide your flaky skin instead it will only emphasise the flakes. The foundation will only sit on top of your flakes instead of blending in with your skin (which is something you don’t want). If you have flaky skin focus on fixing that first. When I get flaky, I exfoliate my skin and use a rich moisturizer to hydrate my skin. Smoother skin means smoother and easier application and a beautiful finished look.


  • Not using clean make-up tools.

Let’s face it cleaning make-up tools isn’t the highlight of anybody’s day or weekend. Applying make-up with dirty brushes or old unwashed sponges isn’t a good idea. Firstly it can cause terrible breakouts (especially the sponges). Make-up sponges are usually used wet and if not cleaned properly can harbour all sorts of bacteria (the same applies with brushes). If you don’t get any breakouts I guarantee your make-up won’t look as bright and fresh as it should be. Always clean your tools and replace your sponges regularly to avoid breakouts and dull make-up.

3354944 (1)

  • Getting your contouring and highlighting wrong

Yes highlighting and contouring is the “tea” at the moment however its not really the easiest technique to master. You can highlight and contour your face so well one day and totally screw it up the next day. Yes, practise does make perfect but this technique requires a lot of practise. I personally think a lot of the time women don’t blend in the concelear properly. When your concelear is not blended in properly it draws the wrong type of attention to your face. If you aren’t too sure on how to highlight or contour your face read this…


  • Applying matte lipstick on dry lips

Anybody who really knows me will tell you how I suffer from dry chapped lips. I drink lots of water and exfoliate but nothing seems to work except for Lipsano. I absolutely love matte lips, they look much classier than shiny lips. Matte lipstick can be very damaging to the lips meaning you need to properly condition your lips and avoid chapped and very dry lips. It doesn’t really matter whether you have terribly dry lips like mine or normal lips you still need to prep your lips.

These are just some of the blunders we make without even realising it. I hope that this post has helped identify some of the blunders you make.

ps. Sorry for being so quiet I have been adjusting to the new work enviroment…


Diamond Girl



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