The perfect foundation for your skin type


We are all beautiful but yet so different. What would normally work on your skin may not necessarily be the best for my skin…this is because we have different skin types. Eventually you figure out your skin type and how to keep it glowing but it’s different when it comes to makeup and buying the right foundation. I’ll go through different skin types, characteristics and foundation recommendations (these products are found in SA as well as internationally).

I wont be discussing the wrinkled (ageing skin)

Normal skin type

Normal skin is smooth and firm to touch with no evidence of dryness or excessive oil (meaning it’s not oily or dry). It has its own natural resilience that helps to prevent common problems such as broken capillaries, spots, or redness. If you have normal skin your pores are not visible.

For normal skin you are very fortunate because you can choose your level of coverage. You are also able to try different textures (mousse, liquid,powder foundation) to see what is best for you.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can appear dry and delicate, it can also have blemishes and get breakouts. This type of skin reacts to common ingredients, its prone to inflammation and irritation and can become very itchy.

The best foundation would be one that will hydrate your skin but you would also need a product that’s hypo-allergenic this way you will know that its been tested and won’t cause allergies because the ingredients used are not as harsh as the common ingredients used for foundation.

Oily Skin

Typically, the surface feels greasy to touch while the appearance is shiny, often with visible pores. Acne and other blemishes are commonly associated with oily skin, although this negative aspect is balanced by it being less prone to wrinkles and other signs of advancing age.

The best foundation for oily skin would be one that has medium to full coverage in order to curb the shine. It’s advisable to use brushes or sponges for application in order to avoid transferring oil all over your face.

Acne prone skin

With acne, skin becomes oily and open and closed comedones (black and whiteheads) appear on the face and often the neck, shoulders, chest and back too. In moderate and severe acne, skin becomes reddened and inflamed.

For acne prone skin you will definitely need a medium to full coverage foundation to cover your textured skin. Always keep your brushes clean to avoid breakouts. You also need a foundation that will help cover and combat spots while making you look extra hot.

Dry Skin

Skin may appear rough and dry. This skin has very little elasticity. The pores are very fine and almost invisible. On closer inspection there may be some flaky or granulated sections evident, particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Dry skin often feels tight or mildly uncomfortable. Without daily attention and careful nurturing, dry skin has a tendency to wrinkle and become more brittle with age.

Dry skin obviously needs a very moisturising foundation. Use a light to medium coverage foundation. It’s best to use a sponge or your fingers (if you have mastered the art) to press the product into your skin, to keep it moisturised.


These are the foundations I recommend for all the skin types mentioned above. I have added a caption to every picture indicating what foundation is best for your skin type.

for normal to dry skin
for normal to oily skin & acne prone
for normal to dry
for normal to dry & sensitive
for normal to dry skin
for normal to dry skin
for combination skin
for combination skin
for oily skin
for oily skin & acne prone
combination skin
combination skin
Revlon colourstay stay natural- for normal to dry
Revlon colourstay stay natural- for normal to dry
For acne prone skin
For acne prone skin

Hopefully I’ve answered a lot of question that my readers have been struggling with. Happy foundation shopping. Let me know if these products have worked for your skin type. If you use something else on the list please feel free to contact me so I can share it with others.




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