Eyebrows on fleek

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Filling in your eyebrows seems to be the in thing lately, it’s awesome and gives you are daring full face look. Filling in the brow is difficult (for me and a whole lot of other ladies) to be honest it’s really technical especially if you want perfect brows. Firstly I recommend you get your brows tweezed, threaded or whatever you do to shape them. Once they are shaped filling them in will be much easier.

tame your mane
tame your mane

I suggest you get them professionally shaped because if you find someone who does this for a living, he/she can give you a great eyebrow shape.  The goal is to have the arch of the brow just outside your pupil. You definitely want to shape them but not too thin because generally fuller brows portray youth (I’m assuming this is the look you’re going for).

Here comes the technical part of  things:

Eyeberow filling guidelines
Eyebrow filling guidelines

For some this picture may look intimidating but I’ll break it down.

  1. Use a makeup brush, eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to guide you when filling in your eyebrows.
  2. Point 1: Place your eyebrow pencil on the corner of your nose; keep it as straight as possible. This is where you need to start filling in from.
  3. Now you need to determine where the brow should end which is Point 3: Place your pencil diagonally. One end of the pencil should be on the corner of your nose, the other end should be in line with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end.
  4. Finally determine where your arch should be Point 2: Place your pencil right in the middle of the triangle which you created by determining point 1 and However make sure the pencil will pass through your pupil. Meaning the arch will be much closer to point 3 than it would be to point 1.

If my explanation is confusing please follow the eyebrow filling guidelines picture.


Making your brows look natural. I use the eyebrow pencil to draw the outline of my brows but I use powder to fill them in. By doing this you will definitely achieve more natural looking brows.

NEVER EVER EVER…YES I MEAN EVER…shave off your eyebrows only to draw them back on! What’s the point of this exercise can someone explain that to me. All the ladies I’ve seen who have done this do not have amazing drawing skills it’s usually a skew unflattering line. Don’t use a red or black pencil to fill your brows in, this looks fake and gives off a tacky vibe so please stop. Don’t overdo the thickness or fill them in to close to each other you don’t want a unibrow. 


Eyebrows on fleek:


Hopefully I’ll be seeing some super fleecked eyebrows Thanks to this post.


Diamond Girl



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