First Impression : Avon Products


I recently bought a few Avon products to try out and give my 2 cents worth… I will start off by saying I love Avon products they are really good quality. Why people think that Avon is beneath them I really don’t understand. Yes we all love high end products but who says that  affordable products compromise on quality? I love high end products but what happens when you really can’t afford to buy everything you like at the Mac or Bobbi Brown store? I’ll go through everything I’ve bought from Avon, some of my challenges with Avon and some first impression of the products that I have already started using.

  1. The Moroccan Argon Oil Range

I bought the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment. I used these products this morning I must say that these 3 products work like a dream. I love love love this range my hair smells good, is clean and silky smooth. The leave-in treatment cost me R89.90 for 2 which is a bargain if you ask me. I’m crazy about this range. It’s great for all hair types. I used it on my weave and it looks as good as new and guess what I saved myself R300.00 (that’s how much they charge at the salon to wash my hair) and a trip there.

Moroccan Argon Oil Range

  1. Avon Senses Exfoliating body scrub (citrus zing)

I suffer from dry flaky skin on a normal summer day. You can imagine how bad it gets in winter. I’ve had to use oil treatments and body cream to keep my skin glowing or at least looking healthy. I’ve started exfoliating my skin every now and then that’s where this amazing exfoliater comes in. The Avon Exfoliating body scrub not only smells great but it gets rid of all the dead skin that leaves me looking dull. As you can see in the picture below it’s almost finished, that’s how crazy I am about this product.

Exfoliating scrub

  1. Avon Ideal Flawless

I’ve been having a little issue with my Mac foundation ever since winter started. My face gets really oily and shiny no matter how much powder and setting spray I use. I eventually decided to buy a different foundation. I was placing orders for other Avon products so I thought why not add foundation to the list. I knew I wanted to try a cream to powder foundation; luckily Avon had the Ideal Flawless foundation on sale for R134.99. My one problem was selecting a colour, does Avon not giving their sales representatives a colour spectrum to help people buy the right colour. To be honest it’s difficult selecting the perfect colour for your skin tone at a cosmetics store without assistance, it’s even worse guessing from a book. Luckily the model in the book had more or less the same skin tone as me so I ordered the caramel colour. To be honest I struggled with the application because I usually use a Beauty Blender or a Foundation Brush. Other than that the foundation is great. P.S this foundation offers light to medium coverage (which is not build-able). If you have a lot of marks that you need to cover up this product won’t be a good buy.

Ideal Flawless Foundation

  1. Avon Foot Works range

Well it’s getting warmer and warmer which means very soon we will be back to wearing sandals (my favourite). Nobody in their right mind would wear sandals with toxic looking toes (that wouldn’t be right), or really damaged heels for that matter. I couldn’t resist buying this amazing range which comprises of the Lavender luxury softening balm, comforting overnight massage cream and the comforting soak. The only thing I can tell you about these products at this point in time is that they all smell divine. I’m really not a fan of lavender I find the smell overbearing however this time that’s not the case. The lavender is actually bearable and smells good. I haven’t used the products as yet however in the next few days I will post a first impressions review of the trio. (You’ll finally get to see my toes).

Avon Foot Works Range

  1. Avon Lipstick and the ultra colour lip crayon

Like all the lipsticks and lip crayons I buy from Avon these two products offer colour and locked in moisture in one small product. The colours are amazing I bought a bright pink lipstick that’s build-able meaning the more you apply the brighter the lip colour. I have very dry lips so I need to be extra careful when buying lipstick because some lipsticks dry your lips. I would definitely recommend Avon Lipsticks and Lip crayons to anyone, its value for money.

20150809_162016 20150809_162123

To prove that drug store products are just as fabulous as the high end products (If selected properly) I have ONLY used drug store products to achieve this look…

The Proof is in the Pudding

A list of the products I used:

  • Prime & Fine Primer (by Catrice)
  • Ideal Flawless cream to powder foundation (In caramel)
  • Eyebrow designer pencil (In dark brown by Essence)
  • Liquid Liner (By Essence)
  • Scandalicious Mascara (By Rimmel)
  • Blush Powder (In pink by Essence)
  • Lipstick colour: Fearless Fusion (By Avon)

I haven’t been writing due to some personal issues and career growth. I am however going to try my best to focus on my blog and connecting with my readers. I hope that this blog post was helpful and is proof that just because something cost less it doesn’t automatically mean that the quality of the product has been compromised. Shop smart that way you can save money to buy other products.





Happy women’s day…

il_570xN.461563764_rifm (1)

Its women’s day in South Africa. This day represents women of all races coming together for one cause. It’s a day for all the beautiful ladies out there; I decided to compile a list of reasons why women are so awesome… If you are a man you will probably feel that all my reasons are bias, so what its women’s day.

  1. We can give birth
  2. We are multi-taskers by nature
  3. We are great listeners
  4. We possess the sixth sense of female intuition
  5. We are strong and independent yet soft and feminine
  6. We have the power to turn heads
  7. We live longer
  8. We don’t have to worry about showing our genitals in public toilets
  9. We bring out the hero in our male counterparts
  10. We create life long bonds with our friends
  11. We have breasts
  12. Our strength is silent, its willingful and confident not overwrought or bulky
  13. We are as tough as nails
  14. We are good communicators therefore we can connect with people
  15. We are BEAUTIFUL
  16. We can be a mother, father and a friend all at once.
  17. We are great leaders


A daughter who serves

A sister who loves

A mother who bears

A friend who cares

A bestower of love, life

Friendship and trust.

A picture of poise,

Strength and grace.

A dreamer, achiever,

A winner all along.

We celebrate you,

A phenomenal woman.

I would like to wish all the beautiful women out there a happy womens day. I hope you get spoilt rotten I know I’m getting spoilt today…



Beauty Blunders you never knew you made!!!

beauty-blundersYep it’s been a long time coming…we are all guilty of screwing up our makeup sometimes and the sad thing is you may not even be aware of it. It happens but in order for you to avoid such mistakes you need to identify your blunders. Today’s post is focused on exactly that identifying such blunders and avoiding these mistakes by ALL MEANS. I’m not going to go through EVERY single beauty blunder on earth but instead I’ll focus on UNFORGIVABLES as I like to call them. You are probably guilty of at least 3 of these blunders ( all of them for me at some point) This is my list of unforgivables:

  • Using the wrong foundation colour foundation-blending

I know this is the most obvious one but guess what it still happens. It happened too me earlier this year and I was clued up about foundation colours at that time. I was buying mousse so I’m not familiar with this type of texture and the brand had very little colours to choose from. One of the consultants at the store suggested a colour and I trusted her. Only for me to use the mousse and I looked darker than usual. which is never a good sign. Need I say it was a waste of my money! I promise you this makeup stores have hypnotic lights. Everything looks perfect with those lights on.  I say test the foundation on your neck not hand…and leave the store give the colour a test drive where there is natural light. If you aren’t too sure on what type of foundation to buy for your skin read this

  • Over plucked eyebrows

2dm9iy1 311 You could be the nicest person on earth but overdoing the tweezing honestly in my book makes you look permanently angry. As I had mentioned in one of my previous blog posts “eyebrows on fleek” your brows can make or break a look be very careful. Untamed brows are equally as bad as over plucked eyebrows. I’m so guilty of not maintaining or tweezing my brows . Shaving off all your brows and drawing them again is a no no it makes shaping your brows almost impossible (there is really nothing to shape you now need draw them from scratch), its not a good look. Don’t over tweeze or let your brows grow out of hand.

  • Using every colour in your eye-shadow pallete

gallery_big_frosty_eyeshadow_makes_you_look_old This happens all the time. Just because you bought a smokey eye or nude eye shadow palette it doesn’t mean use every colour at once. Your eyelid is the size it is for a reason…there’s no need to jam pack your eyelid with ten colours at once!!!  It looks tacky (lady of the night type of connotations). If you aren’t really sure on how to apply your eye shadow 1. buy user friendly palettes (with instructions) or 2. stay away from eye shadow or refrain from leaving your house with eye shadow on (if you applied it yourself). There’s nothing worse than people staring at you like a crazy person at the mall or wherever, nobody will tell you what the hell is wrong with you and why people are staring, so avoid such awkward situations by all means. There is nothing fancy or classy about ten colours on one eyelid.


  • You’re not wearing the right colour lipstick for the shape of your lips.

Simply put, dark lipstick makes lips appear thinner while lighter lipsticks can make lips appear fuller. If you don’t want your lips to look thinner than they already are, shy away from the vampy hues. If you don’t want your lips to look fuller than they already are, pick darker nudes. I use to be so guilty of this only because I didn’t know about the dark/bright lipstick rule.


  • Applying Make-up on dry flaky skin

No matter how “creamy” you foundation make look or feel, it is actually not a good idea to apply foundation on flaky skin. It will not hide your flaky skin instead it will only emphasise the flakes. The foundation will only sit on top of your flakes instead of blending in with your skin (which is something you don’t want). If you have flaky skin focus on fixing that first. When I get flaky, I exfoliate my skin and use a rich moisturizer to hydrate my skin. Smoother skin means smoother and easier application and a beautiful finished look.


  • Not using clean make-up tools.

Let’s face it cleaning make-up tools isn’t the highlight of anybody’s day or weekend. Applying make-up with dirty brushes or old unwashed sponges isn’t a good idea. Firstly it can cause terrible breakouts (especially the sponges). Make-up sponges are usually used wet and if not cleaned properly can harbour all sorts of bacteria (the same applies with brushes). If you don’t get any breakouts I guarantee your make-up won’t look as bright and fresh as it should be. Always clean your tools and replace your sponges regularly to avoid breakouts and dull make-up.

3354944 (1)

  • Getting your contouring and highlighting wrong

Yes highlighting and contouring is the “tea” at the moment however its not really the easiest technique to master. You can highlight and contour your face so well one day and totally screw it up the next day. Yes, practise does make perfect but this technique requires a lot of practise. I personally think a lot of the time women don’t blend in the concelear properly. When your concelear is not blended in properly it draws the wrong type of attention to your face. If you aren’t too sure on how to highlight or contour your face read this…


  • Applying matte lipstick on dry lips

Anybody who really knows me will tell you how I suffer from dry chapped lips. I drink lots of water and exfoliate but nothing seems to work except for Lipsano. I absolutely love matte lips, they look much classier than shiny lips. Matte lipstick can be very damaging to the lips meaning you need to properly condition your lips and avoid chapped and very dry lips. It doesn’t really matter whether you have terribly dry lips like mine or normal lips you still need to prep your lips.

These are just some of the blunders we make without even realising it. I hope that this post has helped identify some of the blunders you make.

ps. Sorry for being so quiet I have been adjusting to the new work enviroment…


Diamond Girl


My favourite products series 1.0


Firstly I’d like to apologise for the silence I’ve been extremely busy with my new job…yep I’m making waves. On to the blog I had promised everybody a couple of weeks ago to review some of my favourite products. Some of these products are high end meaning they are a little pricey compared to the drug-store products (found at stores like clicks and dis-chem). The first two products will be Prime and Fine by Catrice Cosmetics and A “beauty blender” dupe by Clicks brand.

I’m sure you know how important it is to prime your face…well if you you don’t these are the reasons. Primer is basically used to prep your skin for the make-up you will be using, in a way its a layer between your skin and make-up products. In short it protects your skin and makeup lasts longer if primer is used.I’ve come across a lot of primers in my life and guess what most of them are overpriced. Don’t get me wrong they definitely work but personally I think they are really overpriced. I don’t see the sense in buying a primer that costs a little under my foundation.

Being the make-up lover that I am I was at Dis-chem looking around and I came across the Catrice stall. That’s when I found this amazing primer. Its called Prime and Fine by Catrice Cosmetics. I stand to be corrected but the last I checked Catrice is exclusively found at Dis-chem stores. Need I say that the price is ridiculous in a good way though… this primer only cost me R69.95.

Reasons why I like the product:

  • It makes applying making much easier.
  • My products/make-up lasts longer.
  • Its affordable
  • Its easy to find
  • The quality of the primer is awesome


My beauty blender dupe

This is the original beauty blender it retails for R299.95 which can be purchased online.
This is the original beauty blender it retails for R299.95 which can be purchased online.

Well firstly I don’t own the original beauty blender I was lucky enough to come across one at clicks for R79.95. The reason why I wanted to buy the sponge was because of all the Beauty vloggers on YouTube. They raved about how amazing and easy to use the sponge was and still is. I absolutely love love love this sponge. It’s the reason why my foundation has a natural finish and I also use it to blend in my concealer when I’m contouring and highlighting. I would wholeheartedly recommend this beauty tool to anyone. It’s a good buy for beginners. If I knew about this sponge when I started I would have saved myself from a lot of make up blunders

I was lucky enough to find this on google blender looks scary its VERY stained.
I was lucky enough to find this on google images…my blender looks scary its VERY stained.

These are some of the cons for the sponge:

  • you need to always wash it after you use it otherwise it will get stained
  • takes some time to dry so always put it in a sunny place
  • After a few months it needs to be replaced
  • It can be a heaven for bacteria always wash it and dry it properly

That’s it for my first of many product review blogs. I hope this was helpful. I’ll review two other products this week. As usual I hope this was helpful.



The perfect foundation for your skin type


We are all beautiful but yet so different. What would normally work on your skin may not necessarily be the best for my skin…this is because we have different skin types. Eventually you figure out your skin type and how to keep it glowing but it’s different when it comes to makeup and buying the right foundation. I’ll go through different skin types, characteristics and foundation recommendations (these products are found in SA as well as internationally).

I wont be discussing the wrinkled (ageing skin)

Normal skin type

Normal skin is smooth and firm to touch with no evidence of dryness or excessive oil (meaning it’s not oily or dry). It has its own natural resilience that helps to prevent common problems such as broken capillaries, spots, or redness. If you have normal skin your pores are not visible.

For normal skin you are very fortunate because you can choose your level of coverage. You are also able to try different textures (mousse, liquid,powder foundation) to see what is best for you.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can appear dry and delicate, it can also have blemishes and get breakouts. This type of skin reacts to common ingredients, its prone to inflammation and irritation and can become very itchy.

The best foundation would be one that will hydrate your skin but you would also need a product that’s hypo-allergenic this way you will know that its been tested and won’t cause allergies because the ingredients used are not as harsh as the common ingredients used for foundation.

Oily Skin

Typically, the surface feels greasy to touch while the appearance is shiny, often with visible pores. Acne and other blemishes are commonly associated with oily skin, although this negative aspect is balanced by it being less prone to wrinkles and other signs of advancing age.

The best foundation for oily skin would be one that has medium to full coverage in order to curb the shine. It’s advisable to use brushes or sponges for application in order to avoid transferring oil all over your face.

Acne prone skin

With acne, skin becomes oily and open and closed comedones (black and whiteheads) appear on the face and often the neck, shoulders, chest and back too. In moderate and severe acne, skin becomes reddened and inflamed.

For acne prone skin you will definitely need a medium to full coverage foundation to cover your textured skin. Always keep your brushes clean to avoid breakouts. You also need a foundation that will help cover and combat spots while making you look extra hot.

Dry Skin

Skin may appear rough and dry. This skin has very little elasticity. The pores are very fine and almost invisible. On closer inspection there may be some flaky or granulated sections evident, particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Dry skin often feels tight or mildly uncomfortable. Without daily attention and careful nurturing, dry skin has a tendency to wrinkle and become more brittle with age.

Dry skin obviously needs a very moisturising foundation. Use a light to medium coverage foundation. It’s best to use a sponge or your fingers (if you have mastered the art) to press the product into your skin, to keep it moisturised.


These are the foundations I recommend for all the skin types mentioned above. I have added a caption to every picture indicating what foundation is best for your skin type.

for normal to dry skin
for normal to oily skin & acne prone
for normal to dry
for normal to dry & sensitive
for normal to dry skin
for normal to dry skin
for combination skin
for combination skin
for oily skin
for oily skin & acne prone
combination skin
combination skin
Revlon colourstay stay natural- for normal to dry
Revlon colourstay stay natural- for normal to dry
For acne prone skin
For acne prone skin

Hopefully I’ve answered a lot of question that my readers have been struggling with. Happy foundation shopping. Let me know if these products have worked for your skin type. If you use something else on the list please feel free to contact me so I can share it with others.